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Valve Preventive Maintenance Program

A smooth and effective functioning of valve requires a routine maintenance. This helps valves to function smoothly and to seal properly thereby increasing the efficiency of the valve. We associated with SEALVALVE USA to provide Products, Services and Equipment. We have well trained Valve Maintenance Crews. Our valve maintenance programs include,
• Valve Routine Maintenance and lubrication
• Gearbox & actuator maintenance
• Seal integrity testing
Benefits & Achievements
CLUSTER has been very dedicated in performing assigned task especially in the field of on-line valve repair for the satisfaction of our customer. With the skills & expertise of our certified Technicians and the dependable products, repairing this type of valves has resulted to solve:
• Leak across Seats
• Leak across stem
• Valve body leak
• Valve fitting leak
• Bonnet Leak
• And Extend the Valve Life