CLUSTER TECHNICAL SERVICES WLL, KINGDOM OF BAHRAIN | Oil & Gas Special Services such as External and Internal Valve Leak Sealing, Tank Design, Automation, Valve Services, Hot tapping and line stopping, Bolt Torquing & Tensioning, NDT services etc

In association with SEALMAKER USA, Cluster have the unique capability to repair a wide range of leak types. From surface wellhead and valves, SCSSV and control line leaks to complex down hole leaks including tubing, casing and micro-annular leaks whether conventional or sub-sea we can solve your problems in a fraction of time and a dramatic cost advantage over traditional methods. Repair all types of Valves, Faulty control valves- stuck open, stuck closed, passing and un-seated, cause daily losses that run into hundreds of millions of dollars every day to Industries. In collaboration with SEALVALVE and SEALMAKER, USA, Cluster has made this technology and knowhow available to the industries of the Kingdom of Bahrain.
Industrial Valve Services
• Wellhead Leak Sealing
• Casing Leak Sealing
• SCSSV & DHSV Leak Sealing
• Tubing Leaks
• Control Line Leaks
• Micro-annular leaks
• Packer Leaks
• Casing hanger Leaks
• Tubing Hanger Leaks